Are you Confused when Searching for Homes Online?

Did you ever start searching for homes online and get really confused really fast? Did you wonder why some listings had alot of photos, and some only had a few? A great example would be when a client calls and says I’m looking at some listings on and I noticed some have so much information, and some only have a few photos and a generic description. Well, here is the breakdown… some agents have the enhanced service which they pay for, which our team has, and this allows us to add multiple pictures, change the verbage, add a virtual tour and our direct contact information. The other listings on there are pulled from the MLS and those are the ones that are not enhanced, and they might have a few photos and the description could read “a 4 bedroom colonial in Strongsville” and that is all you get. It costs alot for an agent to have the enhanced version on these sites and without all listings being enhanced it could cause you to miss important information when beginning your search online. We have an IDX solution that pulls all MLS Listings from every agent with every company and stays up to date real time with the MLS! It is in your best interest to search here, because there is no bias and you will get all details just like we do as agents! You can also make a free account and have your matches emailed right to you, along with change your criteria as well. We also will get notified on our smartphones when you have new saved searches, favorites, questions, or want to schedule a showing. This truly is a great way that we stay in sync with our clients and what they are searching for. Please email me at with any questions you may have!

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