Cleveland Concert Schedule

Cleveland has a bunch of cool upcoming events at House of Blues and other venues! House of blues is a really cool place and is Located on E4th St. in Downtown Cleveland. I like house of blues due to the fact it has a restaurant inside, along with many other good restaurants in the area, including my favorite which is The Greenhouse Tavern! If you haven’t checked it out you, you are missing out! Trust Me! Get the wings or the Gravy Frites. The lineup at house of blues for the month of December is great. I will be in attendance for the Minus the Bear show on December 9th. Here is the schedule of shows at house of blues for December!

Cleveland has many other Great Venues to see concerts, but I prefer House of Blues, due to it’s size and ability to see the show from anywhere in the venue. No one likes going to a concert with a bad view! Here is a list of all other shows at different venues that are upcoming in the next few months! Get out and enjoy the city and catch a good concert!!