How to get your home sold in today’s market

In order to get your home sold in today’s market, there are somethings to consider. The buyers out there have more available homes to look at then ever. What does this mean for you as a seller? It means a few things, first you need to take off your sellers hat and put on the buyer glasses, and make your home the most appealing by pricing it well and having the best condition compared to your competition. The days of trying it at a higher list price and saying “we will just come down, when we get an offer” are over. The simple fact is that if you just price your home slightly better than your competition and have superior condition, you will get an offer. This theory is actually backed up, because when you look at the agents that are doing well, they have list to sale percentages of 94% and higher, which means that you as the seller are staying very close to your list price. That is when you let us negotiate for you and explain how we priced it better than all the other similar homes. Staging your home is a must, having the home always available for showings is a must, and letting your agent price it properly are a must in order to help you achieve your goals and get it sold and move on to your next destination. We have a really cool tool called Market Snapshot that allows you to plug in your address and it will give you all the homes in your area that are active, pending, and sold so this way you really have a pulse on the market when your home is for sale. You can find that tool right here! Please feel free to comment or contact us with any questions!