Think Spring time is a better time to sell vs winter?

So, do you think it is a good idea to pull your home off the market during the winter months, or wait to put it up until spring? Actually this is a big misconception that alot of people selling their homes have. There are also alot of agents that do not research the facts, and agree that you should wait until spring to sell, because the winter months are slow. My team on the other hand, has done the research and the numbers actually show that in the winter months that average days on the market were less than during the spring. The other fact is that alot of people do take their homes off the market in the winter, so this means there is less inventory available and your home has a better chance of selling if it is priced right and staged well! From my experience during the winter months and working with alot of buyers, I will tell you that anyone that brings their family out in 2 feet of snow to look at a home is pretty serious. You will also have more pre-qualified buyers during the winter months vs the spring months, where they feel it is ok to just go look before taking the steps to get pre approved. Another cool thing during the winter months, is the homes have all the decorations on them, and usually look great, which will help them sell quicker. Fresh baked holiday cookie smell doesn’t hurt either!  If you want to catch some serious buyers, now is the time!  Please comment or contact us with any questions you may have!

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