What is Staging?

Staging is transforming a home into a house that can be sold a product. Staging is not decorating or interior design, but is more about the real estate industry. It’s about depersonalizing a home and taking the home out of the house without leaving it empty and uninviting. It’s all about preparing a house for sale so that sellers and buyers prosper.

Why Staging?

Because of the ever increasing costs of redesigning a space, having a professional come in and stage the home will ultimately save the homeowner money when selling their home.  One of the most compelling reasons that staging works is that sellers get the best price for their property.  Many benefits exits when a home sells fast and for top dollar.  The main advantage is that the homeowner can afford “more house” when buying their next property.  Buyers also benefit by purchasing the house they want by seeing exactly what they have purchased with no “hidden surprises” after closing.

This information was provided by Team Member Christine Murray- Staging Professional

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