Foreclosures and Short Sale Properties

Buyers always ask where they can find foreclosed properties or short sale listings. Well, we have that feature available to you and it’s right here on our website! Alot of buyers get the hook from an agent, hey use us we have an inside source of all the foreclosures in the area, or some kind of special list that will be provided to you that has all of these properties. Some buyers use other sites that are out there, that have foreclosure listings, but they are all outdated properties and you have to pay for an account on these sites to see the current updated information. I can’t tell you how many times I get buyer calls and they tell me about this great foreclosure listing they just saw online on a certain site. I then proceed to look that property up in the MLS and it had sold 4-6 months ago. The way we are able to bring you all of the most current and up to date foreclosure and short sale listings, is that our system is an idx system and it is tied into the Multiple Listing Service and stays up to date in real time. We do not ask you to pay to use this search, all we ask is that you create a free account and then you will be up to date and have all the information available to you at anytime!

Don’t get tricked into paying for a site to search, or reeled in by some type of secret list of foreclosures. They are all here! Enjoy!

Search All Foreclosures in the State of OHIO!