In buying a home, we often encounter several conflicting information, which cause confusion. After communicating with one person to another, certain beliefs based on hearsay would often times become truths. Below are some of these misconceptions:

All Real Estate Agents Are The Same

This is the most common misconception about real estate. Finding the perfect real estate agent for you is never easy.  Every agent has different knowledge, different experience levels, different capabilities and different qualities. The key is to always do your research and choose wisely. Ask around. A good real estate agent should not be afraid to give you their last 10 clients as references. Always do a background check or simply ask relatives or close friends about real estate agents they have transaction experience with.

Leave A Room For Negotiations When Pricing A Home For Sale

Overpricing a home for sale will more often than not lead to failure. The proper assessment of a value of a home will always be significant in a buyer’s perspective. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. When they look at a home, they will be asking themselves “Is this really worth IT?”. Consult with your agent and with appropriate professionals to determine this.

A Home Doesn’t Need To Be Prepared For A Sale

“The reason I‘m selling my home is because I need the money, so why should I spend to prepare it?” This kind of thinking will only lead to a lot of frustrations and disappointments. When a home is assessed for its price, minor repairs or mere fix of a kitchen faucet can make or break a sale.

I Can Sell My House On My Own

Because we’re looking to save money during the process of a home sale, doing it on our own and not getting a real estate agent would be an easy idea. Unfortunately, If buyers know that you are not getting an agent in selling your home, they will most likely lower their offering price and you will have done all that extra work with no savings. Hiring a professional who knows what he/she is doing is very important.


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