Why Staging Works

The way a house is prepared for sale is a significant factor in how much it sells for and how long it sits on the market before it gets sold.  Buyers can see the house as it really is without the clutter, collections, and extreme tastes that exits in many homes that are on the market.  A home that is staged literally “shines” and is clean and clutter free.  This gives buyers a welcome feeling when entering the home and reassures them about making the financial commitment when purchasing a home.

Staging Statistics

According to stagedhomes.com, statistics show an average of a 3% minimum increase in final sales price on homes that had been staged versus those that had not.  A recent HomeGain survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80-$2000, made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold.  The average days on the market for an un-staged home is approximately 160 days.  The average days on the market for a staged home is approximately 31.8 days and many sold for 100.3 percent of  the asking price and in some markets sold for as much as 150 percent of their asking price.  Staging helps homes sell faster and for more money!

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This information was provided by Team Member Christine Murray- Staging Professional