Your Home: The Price Is Right

Once you’ve mustered all your will and have finally decided to sell your house then it’s time to gather all the home value information you have collected and determine the asking price for your home. In doing so, it you might find it difficult thus, consider all the things given below.

You have to prepare your home. Yes, “The reason I‘m selling my home is because I need the money, so why should I spend to prepare it?” This kind of thinking will only lead to a lot of frustrations and disappointments. When a home is assessed for its price, minor repairs or mere fix of a kitchen faucet can make or break a sale. You may initially spend a few hundred dollars but a working faucet may increase your chances of giving a better price.

Overpricing a home for sale will more often than not lead to failure. The proper assessment of a value of a home will always be significant in a buyer’s perspective. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. When they look at a home, they will be asking themselves “Is this really worth IT?” Consult with your agent and with appropriate professionals to determine this.

More often than not, majority of buyers have already looked at a number of homes before they got to you, or they may already be considering one or two thus they can tell if a home is overpriced by comparison. It is important to make a lasting, first impression even before they enter your house. You have to have a clear and fair value by initially making an estimate of its characteristics. You can do this with a local appraiser to be able to get a professional estimate of your homes value. Yes, it may cost you more but getting a reliable gauge of the price range will be money well spent in the long run.

The next step is to study your local market specifically by comparing your house to other houses, particularly in your neighborhood. You can do this by simply going online and making use of available online resources and simply typing in your area location and housing descriptions. You can also research on your local record to check for homes, which have been sold recently, many papers also print this. There are a lot of online websites which offer a price estimate for homes for sale, go through at least 5 and determine a price range. You may also check for House Price Calculators wherein you can plug in the price you paid when you purchased your home and it can come up with the most likely market value of your home in the current market. By simply going through this you can already get a rough estimate of what your price range should be.

After you have completed all these, you can already come up with a selling price. run it by a few trusted friends, neighbors or coworkers to gauge whether you’re in the right ballpark. And when you have a price you’re confident with, you can then write your listing advertisement.

If you are planning to sell your home, let The Incorvaia Team make the process as easy as possible for you. Call us today!