1. Clean Up Your House

Get your home ready. Check for squeaky door knobs, leaky faucets, etc. You have to make sure that the property is in a show condition.

  1. Expect A Yard Sign

When you wake up tomorrow, you may immediately expect to see a yard sign outside of your house. This is because many still believes that a lot of ptential buyers still drive around the neighborhood they like. You can also expect other marketing tactics like expect to see your home on the internet, expect to see a postcard, etc.

  1. Expect The Most Activity in the First 3 Weeks

You can expect to get a lot of phone calls and a lot of showings. When you property hits the market the hot buyers in your neighbordhood looking for properties just like yours are ready to buy and they’re usually the first to check out your home.

  1. Expect Buyers To Negotiate Deals in Their Favor

When one is buying, they want to get the lowest price and of course when you’re selling, you want to get the highest price. Buyers may negotiate down the asking price, possibly closing cost, maybe even inspections report and maybe even the contingency timeframe. You have to be ready and prepared to negotiate that in your favor.

  1. Expect A Deal To Be Reached

You have to be ready to let go. Expect that once your property is on the market, it will eventually get sold. This deal is just a part of your plans so be ready to move on.

  1. Expect To Deliver Buyer All Disclosures in 7 Days

Once you have the deal in place, within 7 days, all seller disclosures, reports and homes inpections should be delivered to the buyer. This is your responsibility. You can also expect the buyer to approve all the disclosures and reports you submitted within 17 days. In addition to this, expect the buyer to renegotiate the price if the appraisal comes in low. This is why it’s important to have a professional work with you. Appraisal reports may arrive at different results and depending on the results you may need to renegotiate the price/offer to your home.

  1. Expect The Buyer To Remove All Contingencies

All conditions set in the contract should be removed in 17 days.

  1. Expect It To Take Longer Than You Expect To Move Out of Your House

Expect to start packing earlier than anticipated. As soon as the buyer removes their contingencies, start moving. Start getting rid of stuff, start packing up stuff. It’s going to take you longer than you expect to move out.

  1. Expect To Stress More Than You Originally Planned

Even in the best situations, some of the steps needed in the home sale process require certain number of days to complete. Sometimes, things will take a little bit longer than expected. Try to relax and get the best people around you to support you throughout this process.


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