Around 100 kids attended the City Commons for Arts in Strongsville’s first Chalk Walk on May 21. The group hopes to make the event an annual one.

Amy McEntee, who handles publicity for Arts in Strongsville, said, “Next year, we’d like to make it even bigger.”
This year, the theme for younger children was “safety”, while older children were asked to illustrate drawings centered around the theme “freedom.”

The contest was open to kids of all ages from Pre-K to high school seniors, and cash prizes were given–$20 for first place, $15 for second and $10 for third–to artists in each of the five age groups who best represented the theme.
McEntee explained that the high schoolers were invited as role models for the younger children. “We want to show younger kids what they’re capable of in a few years,” she said, “They were willing to help us out.”

Winners were Maya Lawson, Sarah Anthony and Zain Syed in first, second and third place respectively in the Pre-K-1st Grade category; Rachel McKim and Anna Caldwell, Maddie Berardi and Isabell Rall in the Grades 2-3 category; Andrea Isenberg, Kayla Manney and Andrew Ye in the Grades 4-5 category; Diana Ridgeway, Julia Imbrigiotta and Madison Olivares and Madison Berresford in the Grades 6-8 category; and Liz O’Neil, Kelsey Filut and Carly VanCucha, and Alicia Weininger and Laur Y’urko in the Grades 9-12 category.